Premium "Coreless" Stick Incense (Honeysuckle thru Rose)

$ 9.00

Our unique "coreless" incense has no bamboo/wood stick in it's center. This means it burns pure, without the wood smoke smell of traditional stick incense. All you smell is fragrance. Every coreless "stick" is hand made here in the U.S. from a sustainable vegetable material, dried in the sun, hand soaked in our own fragrance oils, and then cured to perfection.

There are approximately 25 coreless sticks per tube and each burns approximately 1 hour (each equivalent to 4 traditional wood core incense sticks). If desired, each coreless stick can be hand broken into smaller pieces for a shorter burn time.

Because our handmade coreless incense sticks are thicker and won't fit in the tiny hole meant for traditional stick incense, every tube comes with our unique brass adapter, which easily screws into your wood, ceramic, or molded plastic incense burner. The adapter can also be used to extinguish your incense, simply remove the incense and insert the burning end in the adapter, then relight it later for the same great fragrance.